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Our members come from across the state—and beyond— as well as from all sides of the political spectrum. They have different opinions on the issues but agree on their support for our mission of making citizen engagement easier. The names below are a selection of the thousands who have joined us.

Membership is free and helps support our work to inspire NH citizens to make a difference. Join today.

Marcia Schmidt Blaine
Plymouth, NH
Mark Hubbell
Northfield , NH
julie Anderson
Concord, NH
John Bridges Jr
Exeter, NH
Gwendolyn Clark
Raymond , NH
JAN Marcotte
Gilford, NH
Michael Webb
Gorham , NH
Wendy Dennis
Bradford, NH
Claire Gendron
Center Barnstead, NH
Robert Small
Concord, NH
Phyllis Naegeli
Francestown, NH
Alan Pawl
Derry, NH
John Kocsis
Merrimack, NH
Sheila Burke
Hooksett, NH
Nancy Ryan
Lee, NH
Dennis Morrissey
Nashua, NH
Adam Ferreira
Nashua, NH
Robyn O'Neal
Jaffrey, NH
Amy Furmanick
Jeanelle Gramolini
Manchester, NH
Chris Sheehan
Montpelier, VT
Stanley Cunningham
Butte , MT
Kent Hackmann
Andoverf, NH
President R. Boddie
Anchorage, AK
Anthony DiMambro
Dover , NH
Jeanine Clark
Manchester, MA
Renee Blaisdell
Dover, NH
Rodney Peterson
Merrimack, NH
Marcosa Santiago
Rumney, NH
Dianne Marino
Exeter , NH
Anne Engelhardt
Windham, NH
Mark Stewart Greenstein
West Hartford, CT
Mary Susan Leahy
Concord, NH
Katherine Baublis
Berlin, NH
charles curtis
lowell, MA
Margaret Lehr
Grand Junction, CO
Stephen Dickson
Huntsville, TX
Irene Harnden
Windham, NH
Noah Hodgetts
Concord, NH
Debbie O’Donoghue
Bedford, NH
Carolyn Mebert
Dover, NH
Dave Porter
Weare, NH
Walter Illes
Claremont , NH
Jennifer McCormack
Nashua, NH
Jim Cannon
Deerfield, NH
Joyce Cappiello
Barrington , NH
Gail Hatch
Merrimack, NH
Anne Watts
Chapel Hill, NC
Elaina Bedio
Milford, NH
Emily Kincade
Bristol, NH
Sherry Dumais
Alton Bay, NH
Stanley Kauwe
Hilo, HI
Thank you to our sponsors and donors