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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2024. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate. Click a bill number below for more detailed information on the legislation. We will continue to update this page as more bill texts are published.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
HB 1055 (2024) Active

Allow late application for a property tax exemption from charity organizations

HB 1056 (2024) Active

Allow day care longer than 13 hours in some cases

HB 1057 (2024) Active

Allow temporary license for emergency medical care provider while waiting on background check

HB 1058 (2024) No

Prohibit school employment if failed to report child abuse

HB 1059 (2024) Active

Update state building code

HB 1060 (2024) Active

Establish Geologic Resources Advisory Committee

HB 1061 (2024) No

Limit pull-overs for outdated inspection

HB 1062 (2024) Active

Allow special cover plate and regular plate on cars

HB 1063 (2024) No

Allow some travel over speed limit

HB 1064 (2024) No

Repeal law requiring seizure of weapons after violating protective order

HB 1065 (2024) Active

Add exception for sprinkler requirements

HB 1066 (2024) Active

Change requirements for schools to provide FAFSA

HB 1067 (2024) No

Protect right to sterilization

HB 1068 (2024) No

Require lead testing for children entering daycare, school

HB 1069 (2024) Active

Allow electronic Right-to-Know requests, by all persons

HB 107 (2023) No

Ban sex offenders from any employment or volunteer service providing direct services to a minor

HB 1070 (2024) No

Prohibit executive branch employees from suspending civil liberties

HB 1071 (2024) No

Require manufacturers of educational technology to provide for independent repair

HB 1072 (2024) No

Prohibit employer use of polygraphs

HB 1073 (2024) No

Repeal law on fake explosives

HB 1074 (2024) No

Campaign donation limits for LLC members

HB 1075 (2024) No

End daylight saving if Congress changes the law

HB 1076 (2024) Active

Allow wine manufacturer to hold on-premises license at either manufacturer facility or retail outlet

HB 1077 (2024) No

Allow any action carbines for some hunting

HB 1078 (2024) Active

Investigate how to close gaps in communications coverage for first responders

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