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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2023. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate. Click a bill number below for more detailed information on the legislation. We will continue to update this page as more bill texts are published.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
HB 553 (2023) Active

Publish salary information on school websites

HB 554 (2023) Active

Create nonopioid treatment form, require insurance to cover nonopioid treatment options

HB 558 (2023) Active

Authorize electric microgrids

HB 559 (2023) Active

Establish defined contribution retirement plan for new public employees

HB 560 (2023) Active

Establish voluntary "contact person notification program"

HB 565 (2023) Active

Allow Medicaid coverage for 12 months after giving birth

HB 566 (2023) Active

Establish bonus program for child care employees

HB 569 (2023) Active

Send property tax revenue to the state, revise low income property tax credits

HB 570 (2023) Active

Allow Real ID driver's licenses for noncitizens with lawful status

HB 571 (2023) Active

Cost of living adjustment for public retirees

HB 572 (2023) Active

Increase income cap for free school lunch

HB 577 (2023) Active

Increase state funding for special education

HB 580 (2023) Active

Establish children's vision screening initiative

HB 587 (2023) Active

Let NH drivers indicate preference for organ donation to in-state recipients

HB 593 (2023) Active

Establish procedure for forfeiture in drug cases

HB 596 (2023) Active

Prohibit racial profiling in law enforcement and sentencing

HB 60 (2023) Active

Allow separate camping fees for non-residents

HB 601 (2023) Active Automatically offer free school meals based on Medicaid eligibility
HB 606 (2023) Active

Require EV charging spaces at new publicly-funded buildings

HB 608 (2023) Active

Assess redesign of the Bureau of Developmental Services

HB 609 (2023) Active

Replace Site Evaluation Committee with new siting process for energy facilities

HB 614 (2023) Active

Collect data on health effects in areas of PFAS contamination

HB 616 (2023) Active

Eliminate shares of specific types of energy from Renewable Portfolio Standards, add nuclear

HB 618 (2023) Active

Restrict wage garnishment for child support

HB 619 (2023) Active

Ban gender transition care for minors, ban gender identity in schools

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