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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2023. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate. Click a bill number below for more detailed information on the legislation. We will continue to update this page as more bill texts are published.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
HB 200 (2023) Active

Give parents right to choose court-ordered counselor, within network

HB 201 (2023) No

Reduce penalty for driving without license

HB 202 (2023) Active

Establishes a method to equalize market value for purposes of…

HB 203 (2023) Yes

Changes the date on which the county commission is required to deliver…

HB 204 (2023) Active

Include digital surveys, questions about emotions in law regulating non-academic surveys in school

HB 205 (2023) Active

Require testing and notification for arsenic, PFAS, other contaminants in wells

HB 206 (2023) Yes

Add Space Force to armed forces laws

HB 207 (2023) Yes

Increases the amount of unanticipated funds for which a school district…

HB 208 (2023) No

Establish climate action plan, state goal of net zero by 2050

HB 209 (2023) No

Rewrite absentee ballot request form

HB 210 (2023) Active

Revises certain requirements for combined insurance coverage against…

HB 211 (2023) Active

Removes the Department of Environmental Services from a report on the…

HB 212 (2023) Active

Send $2 million to PFAS response fund, add duties related to PFAS investigation

HB 213 (2023) No

Renames Little Haystack Mountain as Mount Kosciuszko.

HB 214 (2023) Active

Removes the authorization for complete capacity utilization (up to 30…

HB 215 (2023) Active

Directs the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt…

HB 216 (2023) No

Remove criminal penalties for DMT

HB 217 (2023) No

Study effects of fluoride on children

HB 218 (2023) Active

Allow creation of transcript or recording of family court

HB 219 (2023) Yes

Moves the laws related to Transportation Network Companies (such as…

HB 220 (2023) Active

Study regulation of charitable gaming

HB 221 (2023) Active

Requires that agricultural land development rights purchased by the…

HB 222 (2023) No

Require seat belts

HB 223 (2023) Yes

Allow 90-day refills for low testosterone medication

HB 224 (2023) No

Repeal criminal penalties in abortion ban

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