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- Maureen turgeon   Mar 31, 2019
One aspect of the Planned Parenthood [Pp] debate is that PP has been caught violating State abortiin laws many times. Another is we have the testimony of former PP employees about how PP defraud Medicaid by sending prescriptions to women who don't want them. Another is how PP bills for appointments that never happen. Still another is the use of taxpayer dollars to support, albeit indirectly, abortion services, violating conscience rights of millions of citizens. Still another is PP's racist and eugenic past which appears to be continuing. The Fetal Tissue business is just the latest of all the egregious moral failures. If you have any doubts about PP's fraudulent nature, watch the movie Unplanned.
- Kurt Wuelper   Mar 31, 2019
The National Popular Vote [NPV] movement would effectively destroy our republican form. Instead of independent states, each with their own voice, would be replaced with a virtual democracy, wherein no State has a voice. This would give nearly total control of the Federal government to a few populous states. The small[er] and far more numeou, states' citizens votes would be virtuality meaningless. The bulk of the States, like NH, will be completely at the mercy of those few very large ones. A recipe for total failure of the longest running government on the planet.
- Kurt Wuelper   Mar 31, 2019
Yes we should! Animal fighting is horrific for the animals, and the humans doing it should go to jail.
- Nancy Stock   Mar 31, 2019
Absolutely not!! You should all learn a little about the American revolution before considering such reckless legislation.
- Joseph Emond   Mar 29, 2019
NO! Absolutely Not! Yes, please give my vote to NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston or the remainder of the major metro areas! So those of us who live in rural America have no say in the election!
- Brian Allison   Mar 29, 2019
NO. Sex on the birth certificate is decided by the genitalia that the infant presents with, and the designation of which gender (male or female) that a person is, on any official document, should always correspond with the genitalia that they possess.
- Susan Rogers   Mar 29, 2019
- Susan Rogers   Mar 29, 2019
No ; The media makes NH sound like everyone is on drugs here!
- Joel Moran   Mar 29, 2019
No NH has to stop trying to given in to the .1% of the population!
- Joel Moran   Mar 29, 2019


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