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To understand the fight that is taking place right now over the border wall and the influx of illegal aliens, one needs to look no further than the United Nations Global Migration Compact, which 193 countries have signed. While I urge everyone to read this document, the sum and substance is that any individual in any country of the world has the right to migrate to the country of his or her choice and the host country is obligated to bend over backwards to accommodate the cultural, religious, and physical needs of these aliens. Since President Trump refused to sign this agreement, the UN and liberal globalists such as George Soros and his Open Borders Society have been covertly organizing these caravans from South and Central America to storm our borders under the guarantee that they have the right to enter our country illegally and we have the obligation to accept them. We are obligated to house, clothe, feed, educate, provide medical treatment, attorneys, interpreters etc. The cost of illegal immigration to the American taxpayer (federal, state and local) according to Immigration Reform Law Institute (September 27, 2017) is $116 billion a year; “On the federal level, medical ($17.14 billion) is by far the highest cost, with law enforcement coming second ($13.15 billion) and general government services ($8 billion) third.” So when Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the liberal globalists squawk about $5 billion to build a physical barrier to prevent these invaders from entering our country and forcing an untenable financial burden to we taxpayers we must question their motives. Are they working in the best interest of America? No they are not. They, like Angela Merkel are of the same globalist mindset. “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel to an audience in Berlin. She urged sovereign nation states not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or sovereignty. And Pope Francis during his Christmas speech urged Christians to reject sovereignty and embrace globalism in order to make the world a better place. After World War II there was a push for a New World Order whereby all countries would cede sovereignty so that the unelected and unaccountable United Nations would become the world governing body, forcing us to live under the tyrannical rule of the UN despots. Think about that for a moment. Without borders we have no sovereignty, without sovereignty we no longer have a Constitution or the rights and protections guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. The plan was going seamlessly until the unexpected election of Donald Trump, the non-politician Nationalist who dared to uphold his oath “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” His election thwarted the globalist agenda. Politicians, world leaders and the media on a daily basis relentlessly attack him for his America First policy. Since his first day in office these anti American globalists have been feverishly trying to find ways to impeach and remove him from office. The Democrats have become the face of the New World Order; Open Border activists who put us all at risk with their Catch and Release policies, their desire to abolish ICE and their taxpayer funded Sanctuary Cities and States. Our government has a duty under our Constitution to protect our citizens, yet these liberal politicians are actively protecting illegal aliens at the expense of the American people and in violation of American immigration law. A republic founded upon the consent of the people can only survive with an informed electorate. Unfortunately, too many of the electorate today is ill informed, with much of their news obtained from sound bytes spewed from a left-leaning media. And George Soros, the self proclaimed Open Borders advocate has ties with more than thirty of these mainstream news outlets. We the People will lose our republic unless we rise up and demand that our elected officials who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States be forced to uphold their responsibilities to America and Her interests first and foremost. And those who do not should under the laws of the United States be punished.
- Janet Hicks   Jan 09, 2020
Please stop Red Flag law, No one should have the right to take fire arms from anyone as long as they are law abiding citizens. I am a born NH / American citizen and should not have to worry about my own government confiscating my guns without due process being a law abiding citizen. No one should have the right to take our guns as long as they are a law abiding citizen. You should consider both sides not just the side you represent, mine advise is that being open minded to both sides will work a lot better. What about the ones of us that hunt, target shot, or just the right to bear arms. If you think this is best for suicide people, your wrong, if they want to die they will find a way, WHY TAKE FROM THE LAW ABIDING CITIZEN THIS IS SO SO WRONG. Why do you stand for what is so wrong and want to hurt the citizens that are law abiding...….. Please again, be fair to all and OPEN MINDED Please...……..
- Donna Supry   Jan 09, 2020
Please stop Red Flag law, No one should have the right to take fire arms from anyone as long as they are law abiding citizens. Please stop the Dems from destroying what New Hampshire use to be, please...….. I am a born American citizen and should not have to worry about my own government confiscating my guns without due process being a law abiding citizen. No one should have the right to take our guns as long as they are a law abiding citizen. Please veto this bill. Please do what the people who voted in need you to do.
- Donna Supry   Jan 09, 2020
We do not need gun control, we need to control our government. Psychological testing, educational requirements, age requirements, laws governing (past criminal histories (i.e. NO committing a felony prior to or while in office shall be eligible for service), etc. There are too many serving that have no idea of life, liberty, or the constitution. Democrats have enacted laws throughout this country which have destroyed our inner cities creating cesspools of poverty and crime. Schools are broke, do not have the needed requirements to service mentally ill children coming from opioid, or abusive and neglectful homes where they then grow up developing various psychological disorders that go unidentified. Teachers need new programs that enable them to SPOT sick kids, not take outbursts personally, and realize that they are not in school for a power trip but rather to SERVE and Share knowledge with children. We have TOO many impoverished kids with our open border policies and this mindset has spread much like Eminem rap to pull down the pants of our youth. Not to mention the legalization of pot so that government gets More money from taxes. Lotto was supposed to go to education, but my understanding of that was that if the state gets 1000 dollars from the Feds for education they must give that 1000 back if Lotto pays them 1000. So for every dollar they get from Lotto they must return a dollar to the state. Another buried secret kept from taxpayers. But, where is the money they take from tax payers? What has improved? Where is that money REALLY going? To pay for a lousy state representative to make laws they don't even have life experience in understanding? In order to understand what is going on with our children, we must be not only educated, but walk in their shoes. A kid does not come to class from an abusive home prepared to focus and learn. Anger as that child is labeled and targeted grows and sometimes, they grow into shooters with no interventions. THE RIGHT interventions. The schools ALL over this nation are nothing more than building tomorrow prisoners and victims. Wake up NH, create some laws to govern your own House and Senate.
- Allaire Masse   Jan 08, 2020
You are a disgrace to all citizens of New Hampshire. That comment you spewed about gun owners proves you are unfit for office.
- Thomas Lippert   Jan 05, 2020
What are your thoughts of taxes on pensions and S.S.? We've paid taxes on these monies once, why again? there are better ways to pay off debts than take it from us the middle class. term limits are a must and I'm very torn as to who I am voting for. a higher amount than a 1% tax on the rich should be enacted, I mean they are rich and really didn't work for their money. they as the rich rely on us the peons to make them money. I know, I've worked my whole life and still have never felt appreciated or thanked by any company with acknowledgement of the whole, "without the laborers taking pride in their work, our companies wouldn't exist!" FACT!!!!
- Mary Bell   Dec 31, 2019
Why is it all ways Democrats creating layers after layers for laws that in the end solve nothing. Sounds like Massachusetts scary stop trying to be like Massachusetts I'm sure the criminals will cooperate with the laws I have an idea how about a law dealing with mental illness.
- Wayne Smith   Dec 30, 2019
As one of the 3 safest states in the nation, we do not need more gun laws. I believe one of the reasons NH is so safe is because the "Bad Guys" never know who might be carrying.
- Eric Smith   Dec 30, 2019
MR. Steyer On your TV ad you talk about term limits. I have thought this for many years now and was wondering how you plan on doing this? since the people that will have to vote on it, are the same people it would effect. Is this so much lip service,or do you really have a plan?
- Jon Harrington   Dec 28, 2019
Good Sir, I am a state employee writing to you about the status of negotiations on the Executive Branch Master Contract. Earlier this year, no agreement was reached between negotiators for state employees and negotiators for the state -- and the process went to a Fact Finder mutually agreed upon by both parties to resolve the contract dispute. The fact finder has made recommendations for resolving each of the issues. RSA 273-A requires the Governor provide the fact finders report to the Executive Council so they can study it and vote to accept it or not. At the December 18th Executive Council meeting, Councilor Volinsky called on the Governor to put the fact finder report on the agenda. The Governor refused. The State Employees Association believes the refusal by the Governor to provide this report to the Executive Council for a vote is a violation of law governing public sector bargaining (RSA 273-A). Could you ask to have the fact finders report be discussed soon. As a state employee I love our state and only wish that everyone is fair in this process. Thank you for your review of my concerns. Regards, Tracy Rousseau
- Tracy Rousseau   Dec 22, 2019


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