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I’ve HAD it with late night calls that appear to be local; I’m always concerned it’s a friend in need - only to find out it’s a telemarketer. More money should be spent on Government? No, protect your citizens! It’d be nice to be able to tell them they’re violating a Federal law and could be fined $5,000.00. Perhaps then they'd stop calling!
- Jennifer Larain   May 19, 2019
Did you vote to give illegal immigrants the right to get a drivers license?
- John Kerrigan   May 19, 2019
Leave the Bible there. I believe there are also Chaplains on sight. Slippery slope being test, Stand Proud, Carry On. Using the statement of MRFF’s Michael L. “Mikey" Weinstein, someone then will argue that the American Flag should be removed in that: That sectarian American Flags on a POW/MIA table at VAMC is a grotesque gang sign of American Federal government's triumphalism, exceptionalism and supremacy, indeed a middle finger of unconstitutional repugnance to the U.S. Constitution.”
- tom ploszaj   May 17, 2019
At this time no. I do not believe that most of NH public students have a grasp on the fundamentals of logic and critical thinking. That combined with their ignorance of history and little real world experience they would be unable to provide a concise interaction without being emotionalyl biased.
- tom ploszaj   May 17, 2019
Usually I'm all about less government and restrictions, but this I'm absolutely on board with. I don't know if passing legislation would actually change the current situation, but I've HAD it with telemarketers' robo-calls and scammers using fake or inscrutable Caller IDs.
- Susan Rogers   May 17, 2019
This question is already answered by our social-legal-community medicine histories. Isn't this question already relevant to what happened in the past, to easily prescribed med.s; to OTC 'supplements' and "generic equivalents" to prescribed med.s of pain killers, of systemic blood and fluid 'control', 'quick energizers', and on and on. There occurred many OTC over-dosages; of counter-actions and negative interactions of multiple OTC supplements, of masked symptoms of more serious medical conditions; among many other unhealthy side effects. The question of "other qualified patients' is a question of who ! is expected to be able to think clearly enough to make that determination? Children at all ages are already receiving dosages of marijuana in cookies, brownies, sweet drinks, sweet snacks, food staples (e.g., yogurts, butter, margerine, jellies, jams, and more). Children with hyperactivity, anxieties, tensions, etc. are already receiving 'unofficially' suggested low amounts of marijuana. This is definitely a slippery slope; a 'genie out of the bottle'. No definitive studies have yet shown the effects of long term usage, ingestion, body fluid inclusions of the metabolites of marijuana. "It feels good" ! "I feel better" ! "My symptoms are relieved" ! As we go by body and mind and emotional feelings to argue the sustainable benefits of marijuana and its sub-chemistries, we're already marking the present and future generations as dependent upon psych-biotics. What's next? Psilocyben? Some states have already ushered in 'alleviating' drug. Marijuana is NOT an 'innocent' drug. I think the whole address of marijuana flooding our civilian market needs an immediate redress.
- GariePaul D   May 14, 2019
Consumer 'Protection' Laws will have negligible effect upon sham promises to protect 'biometric information'. l do not support this initiative. Very often, linkage used is that of instantly scouring social media for a consumer's name. This links that name to friends, colleagues, business associates, neighbors, family, and to wherever else the linkage tree expands. 'Facial recognition', blood type, ethnicity, 'data', financial information, et al., is an open book now. Fingerprints are used in a growing industry of 'secondary identity' verification - cell phones, 'smart phones', financial businesses, domestic utility industries, & more. Industries that use 'biometric information' ought to be regulated to show very plain, open, simplified statements of what use will be made of the information, however obtained, from the consumer. This NOT as any footnote agreement. But, as a major, outlined portion of any & all agreements between consumer & user. The consumer MUST be presented with plain facts; be educated about 'biometric information'. This ought to be law; by regulation; by judicial fiat. 'Biometric information is already! a plethora of data which can be data-mined by digital resources. Consumers who are, then, 'victimized' by data users, are not attentive, deliberately naive, uneducated, dependent &/or fully self-entitled to protections from any level of government for their not self-responsible behavior.
- GariePaul D   May 14, 2019
My pick for the 2nd District Congressional race is incumbent Charlie Bass over challenger Anne Kuster. We cannot afford to lose this hard working tv online Congressman whose seniority and experience in the US House confers substantial advantages to our state and nation.
- jordan smith   May 14, 2019
"Marijuana is a “gateway drug” that leads to greater rates of abuse of more dangerous substances, such as cocaine and heroin. " Well that theory doesn't work because its already a schedule one drug so its impossible for marijuana to lead to something harder, your already doing one of the hardest drugs says the government. so can we stop with the gateway lies
- paul paci   May 13, 2019
I wish the State would take a hard look at basic principles of the "Ad Valorem" property tax model and recognize how we have eroded the "fairness" at the core of this model by the mandated discounts we grant property owners. Do we really need to give our large property owners (top 20%) a 97-99% discount to encourage them not to develop or sell their land to developers? Yes, that is what our CU law does. If we limited that discount to 20-25% that would amount to the same additional tax revenue this capital gains idea would and it would flow to our poorest property value towns because that it a big reason their property values are sooooo low.
- Bradford Keith   May 10, 2019


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