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- sdsre ersre   Apr 15, 2019
Pre-existing - yes. Essential health benefits - No.
- Linda Camarota   Apr 14, 2019
What about fishing at boat ramps . Its already a thing . Covered by my fishing license . Boat ramps often are a great fishing spot . So if you openly allow swimming then you are denying fishermen the right to fish .
- Jeremy Furtado   Apr 14, 2019
Many working families do not have any dental coverage but now more of our labors to now pay for things that we cannot afford for our selves? Medicaid should be no more than the least costly plan available to the public.
- tom ploszaj   Apr 12, 2019
I say let the political parties fight about it since whatever the GOP will support the Dems will fight against. I say let the party in control name things after their members since they think they are now the Royalty and need more reasons to use their guns to force citizens to pay for their indulgences. I think the cost of the naming/renaming of public structures should be by donations.
- tom ploszaj   Apr 12, 2019
Yes allow swimming. The BS between NH Depts. continues and the public suffers all about money this time? NH is a donner state accept it or have the General Court petition give notice to the Feds NH is exercising it's right as a sovereignty state. At the non-motorized launches, place a sign notifying the public they can use the site at their own risk and remove the mention of swimming from the signs about what's not allowed such as no pets or open fires. Then swimming would not be an issue about what the money is used for.
- tom ploszaj   Apr 12, 2019
My opinion is they shouldn't be named after any person.
- Snaggle Tooths   Apr 12, 2019
Could not care less.
- Francis Murzyn   Apr 12, 2019
With all the important issues pressing in NH, this doesn't raise an eyebrow for me.
- Francis Murzyn   Apr 12, 2019
America protects the world but neglects young Americans at home.: Would you lead the charge to have dear colleague letter for Trump to Protect all American children by granting equal protection to Liberian Mothers brought to the USA through Operation Shining Express and abandoned since 2003? Would you sponsor a dear colleague letter to Trump asking him to protect American children rescued by Marines in 2003 and abandoned since then?
- Mahn Krua   Apr 11, 2019


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