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Yes. It's still chemical fumes and some people are allergic.
- Maureen turgeon   Apr 23, 2019
I support backyard Chickens
- Audrey Fletcher   Apr 23, 2019
We don't need to create commissions, foundations, training programs, policies etc. Mental health gurus have been working for at least the past 20 yrs to increase their customer base. They love getting federal funding to grow themselves, and their influence. The answer to stop 99% of suicides is to stop giving people prescription drugs like antidepressants or a cocktail of these drugs which CAUSE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS. Too many people today evidently do not know how to deal with everyday God given emotions- sadness, anger, fear, rejection etc. They look to pills for the answer, and doctors are all too ready to prescribe them, and many doctors take bribes from BIG PHARMA to do so. That's been in the news for many years now. But nothing changes. Then there's this. I have 2 relatives who at the time were very young teens, and because of a domestic violence and divorce situation they were experiencing normal emotions. Anger, sadness, anxiety etc. Because of the situation they were forced into the so called "SYSTEM". The DCYF, courts, A place called Community Council, foster homes etc. Believe me this is one evil system. These kids were forced to take antidepressants, and a mix of like drugs. One became violent, and the other was having suicidal thoughts. The kids took themselves off these evil drugs and they are alive today to tell about it. The one that was suicidal will tell you point blank THOSE DRUGS CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK!! We do not need any secure psychiatric wards for anyone. This is evil. If they are going to build one, only those who want to sign in should be there. Nobody should be forced to be there. All this talk about needed mental health TREATMENT equals more destructive drugs. This is why we've list so many soldiers. This is what causes all the bizarre stabbings, school shootings, throwing the 5 yr old down 3 floors at the MALL OF AMERICA etc. They were all said to have a history of mental illness. Well what caused them to become unhinged is the prescription drugs.
- Pamela Kendall   Apr 21, 2019
The "live free or die" state - should change its name to " The Die State "! Predominantly " outdated attitudes - due to outdated facts" on a multitude of issues. Have a "loved one" who is addicted and THE OUTDATED and comparatively Addictive "Methadone or Suboxone Treatment in New Hampshire" is a HUGE Failure! Also many addicts are " homeless and without means - so to have them " walk in and medicate " then BACK TO THE STREETS IS DISGRACEFUL. I have little doubt that most of the Federal money ( for addiction treatment ) is being " redirected to the General Fund " as the state die with Medicaid Money ( back in the 80's ). Why don't LEGISLATORS and our Governor " spend some time READING on Current Affairs nationally on Opioid Treatment " - States that have " legalized Cannabis " have seen the use of opioids DECLINE significantly ! A majority of citizens have backed legalizing cannabis for YEARS - but our legislators are still stuck in the " Reefer Madness " Propaganda Days and " can't seem to find their path TO THE PRESENT ". If nothing else - AT THE VERY LEAST - " Gov Sununu and State Legislators SHOULD RECONSIDER SB-175 " TO allow " DOCTORS AND DOCTOR ASSISTANTS TO PRESCRIBE MEDICAL CANNABIS for any condition THEY DEEM PROPER " - The Governor and Legislators " Have NOWHERE NEAR THE KNOWLEDGE to Pick and Choose Conditions that Warrant Medical Cannabis USE " ! Cutting Edge states are currently proposing Cannabis for OPIOID TREATMENT, but of course New Hampshire " isn't CUTTING EDGE - is it " ?.........TIME FOR TERM LIMITS IN CONCORD - " perhaps a Decade would be a good place to start " - AND WE NEED A GOVERNOR who Governs by LISTENING TO THE " Majority Voice " of the states Residents. Perhaps some " results from U.N.H. polling could supply a hint on issues " - You know " Academia " - an Educated Source..................sigh...............
- Bob Bogardus   Apr 21, 2019
The government needs to get the h__l out of health care! More and more laws are just piecemeal destruction of patient choice. The only law needed: fully tax deductible health savings accounts - with earnings also fully tax deductible- owned by the person, not the employer, and therefore not dependent on one's job. More health care laws such as this one only expand an already bloated health bureaucracy and make the unwelcome spectre of a total takeover of health care by the government with more taxes and rationing. Government is not competent to act as an insurer of anything, least of all health care.
- robert peraino   Apr 20, 2019
get at the cause of their despair, not another government band-aid. Marijuana is a BIG risk for suicide. Do not need to educate school employees, bus drivers, etc. -what nonsense - but only educate the students about the emotions that can cause a student to entertain suicide,and concentrate on educating the students about dealing with their emotions. Worth remembering: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
- robert peraino   Apr 20, 2019
- Francis Murzyn   Apr 19, 2019
No. I'm 100% against mandatory health insurance - which usually means incurring a penalty if you don't have it. Life free or die. Or go back to Massachusetts, the most over-regulated state in the nation.
- Susan Rogers   Apr 19, 2019
It's a good idea, but I would not trust the teachers "union" one bit. Only thing they are interested in is strike when they don't get what they want. Keep the schools out of the mix and maybe something good will happen
- Francis Murzyn   Apr 19, 2019
I agree with you, it is gun confiscation under the banner of safety.
- Edward Smith   Apr 15, 2019


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