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ANOTHER BIG FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-----------------------------------------
- Alan Fraize   Jul 23, 2019
F--------------- IS THE GRADE I GIVE HER
- Alan Fraize   Jul 23, 2019
So breaking up families and breaking the will of Africans we just a business decision? Whipping a man or woman into submission was a business decision? “Millions of Africans were kidnapped, then shipped to the U.S. where slave owners forced them to do physical labor and brutally punished those who rebelled. Black people still face discrimination related to the color of their skin...”
- Byron Sellers   Jul 19, 2019
I've read several of the democrats candidates reviews. None of them are pro life.... I don't agree with pro choice the women that got pregnant with an innocent baby had a choice before they got pregnant isn't that what Planned Parenthood is?? my opinion, this is murder. there are lots of couples out there praying for a child, why can't these innocent babies be put up for adoption? prochoice? the mothers had the choice before getting pregnant, shame on them!
- diane grill   Jul 19, 2019
I also don't want to see tax payer dollars used for abortions. However, I want to make sure that heath organizations (like Planned Parenthood) that provide services to the public are funded for services other than abortions
- Gerri Cannon   Jul 10, 2019
Mr. BUTTIGIEG I live in Chattanooga TN and we have problems down south with people wanting to except the fact that LGBT couples can get leagly married how would you deal with this as president of the United States of America
- Ryan Lowery   Jul 04, 2019
How about we worry about our bridges and roads before sinking money into public transit that isn't needed.
- Snaggle Tooths   Jul 03, 2019
How many of those seven were wearing helmets? Do you ride a motor cycle? Why do you think it is the State's responsibility to keep people safe from themselves? ...........and enacting legislation that takes away personal freedoms isn't "trailblazing", it is a path to oppression.
- Snaggle Tooths   Jul 03, 2019
I need to caresource health incrance
- Getnet Gola   Jul 01, 2019
I hope Bernie get nomination.
- Matt Mahjoob   Jun 27, 2019


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