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yes an there hasn't been any mass shootings
- Alan Fraize   Oct 11, 2019
I am a Conservative independent and support the impeachment of President Trump.
- Bob Fabian   Oct 09, 2019
i can't comment on ear cropping, as i have no experience, but as a long time breeder of springer spaniels i have many years of experience with tail docking at birth. the pros far out weigh the non-existent negatives. several breeds have thin, easily broken tails. docking them at birth prevents later broken tails that need very expensive and needlessly needed vet amputation under anesthesia. even after the procedure many tails do not heal as tails have a very limited blood supply. it's a green party/peta attempt at forcing their extreme views down the throats of hundreds of years of experienced breeders at the cost of the dog's well-being.
- mike colligan   Oct 05, 2019
I like what this guy is all about!
- Steve Garr   Sep 24, 2019
The media and many politicians continue to use labels like socialism inappropriately. The reason Bernie emphasizes "democratic" socialism is that he knows that the way socialism is understood in the United States is through an association with the old Soviet Union. But a more appropriate association would be with the democratic socialism of the Scandinavian countries of western Europe like Sweden and Denmark. The fact is that we already have democratic socialism here though it could be greatly improved. We have Medicare and Medicaid and social security. We have an interstate highway system and National Parks. We public schools and libraries. We have police and firemen and all kinds of public services. These are the things that represent democratic socialism and Bernie has done a terrific job of changing the conversation so that more people understand that this is the kind of socialism he represents. But I agree that Bernie's age is an issue. He's not as robust as he once was and especially in recent days he is beginning to show his age. But the same can be said of Joe Biden and the VP has not demonstrated an understanding of the proper balance between capitalism and socialism. Capitalism is about the profit motive. It works great for distributing resources when the goal is to produce things. It's not so great for providing critical services for people like health care. It's pretty easy to see that when you consider the following facts: - The cost of health care in the U.S. is more than double the cost per person than in nearly every other developed country in the world. - Our infant mortality rates are higher and life expectancy is shorter. - 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies were tied to medical issues. And for-profit insurance companies have distorted the whole reason for having them. The whole idea of insurance is to spread the risk among the largest number of people possible so that individual costs are minimized. But private insurance companies are not about reducing costs. They are fixated on increasing profits. And they do that by dividing the pools of people into likely healthy and likely sick and denying coverage to the costlier set of people. With a single-payer system, everyone is covered and health care professionals can concentrate their energy on finding the best way to help people get well and stay healthy. This is not rocket science. It's common sense and you can see the results in places like Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway... Only in the US do we insist on paying more for less.
- Ron Cicotte   Sep 20, 2019
Border Wall: I live in a melting pot neighborhood, its low income family's and alot of Drug selling on my corner!! I know on first hand experience, that Mexican's come here and get on every government program the U.S has ! They are not out working!! they have children, lots and lots of Children! because....the more they have the more they get from the U.S!! while I, a single White mother, has been working since I was seventeen!! have always been told I make to much money for help! so guess what, I struggle month to month to pay my bills, I have No Health Insurance, Because I Cant Afford it!!! and then I had to pay taxes because of Obama F#*#ing care!!! so I can't afford Insurance and then I get penalized for it!!!!! I say, Build that Wall!! Build it high, I'm tired of paying for them in my taxes, while I do without!!! Thank You Pat Myers
- Patricia Myers   Sep 19, 2019
In the crime and social section I would have like to seen a question about police brutality and the corrupt men and women who where a badge who target a specific race(African Americans) using excessive force in situations that lead to death when there is no probable reason and are not being held accountable rightfully. There is high tension between the police and African Americans and it needs to be addressed more and handled. People are being killed after being detained when there is not threat to a cops life. People are being pulled over and harassed and racially profiled for a standard traffic stop with police creating a hostile situation that escalates. African American are fearful of not knowing what the police are going to do even when complying because there as been numerous situation of compliance that still lead to death. This is a serious matter in our country and the current President is not addressing it nor handling it like it needs to be. People are becoming more and more open with their racism. We do not need to move backwards in the country but move forward and demolish racism and corrupt policeman. Police are more than just a badge to stop crime but that are suppose to protect all citizens no matter the race. They should educate and also be social advocates in communities and make the best decision when dealing with any situation to use lethal force when its rightfully necessary which is when a suspect is trying to hurt them. Every race in this country break the law, no one race should be killed if they are breaking a law that is minor and is no threat to a cop. There is so many issues with this that need to be discussed. We all should be about fair treatment.
- Trey Johnson   Sep 10, 2019
I think marijiuana should be legalize because their is no deaths it helps with stress depression loss of appetite and etc.
- Chris Gallant   Sep 06, 2019
home fire sprinkler
- David Lefebvre   Sep 06, 2019
home fire sprinkler
No! Get out of my life, just do your damn job, provide a safe environment for free men and women to live their life in! What’s wrong with you people?
- Robert Santaniello   Sep 06, 2019


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