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Not for NH. Too much time following party line and little independence.
- Bill Brewster   Apr 08, 2019
Basic dental health is preventative medicine, and reduces the incidence of more serious, and more costly, health issues. It should be included in any health insurance program, Medicaid or otherwise. NH resident and voter.
- Victoria Stanhope   Apr 07, 2019
No, taxpayers will cover excess costs beyond what the fed gov. funds cover and would be expected to toe yet another line. the madness has to stop somewhere. at the very least get it figured out before it's passed. Another Nancy Pelosi response won't cut it. Oh, how easy it is to give away other peoples income! We all need to be responsible for ourselves.
- Roger Roome   Apr 07, 2019
Increase the fines. It will encourage irresponsible OHRV and snowmobile owners to follow the law.
- Joe Webster   Apr 06, 2019
- John Bottomley   Apr 06, 2019
No. Putting 10s of thousands on the voting rolls who have no intention of voting... what could possibly go wrong? We have enough shenanigans going on during elections, we don't need to open ourselves up to more. Nice try though.
- Snaggle Tooths   Apr 05, 2019
I see there is a new bill going through to create restrictions for firearms in and around schools. I believe we in NH do not need stricter gun laws. It is already illegal to posses a firearm on school grounds (federal law)and up to 1000 feet, unless you have a carry permit or its within your property lines. And with the carry permit, you must have gotten three witnesses to vouch for you as well as a background check.
- Richard MacInnis   Apr 04, 2019
On minimum wage HB-186 has gained steam, while HB-781 has been retained in committee. THE SUPERIOR BILL is HB - 781 due to its " more realistic raise increments " but even more-so " for its ongoing C.O.L.A.'s which are DEFINITELY NEEDED. The lack of c.o.l.a.'s - is how the NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE ( which has stood at N.H.'s bottom wage ) has FALLEN SO FAR BEHIND THE 1967 MINIMUM (which was much closer to adequate for that time). IT'S EITHER " VOTE FOR HB - 781 OR CONTINUE WITH OBVIOUS " Working Poor " in our state and society...........................
- Bob Bogardus   Apr 04, 2019
Any job should pay a " living wage " - the OLD EXCUSES for not paying fairly - WILL NO LONGER BEAR CREDENCE !!! Wages have been increased ( closer to where they should be ) in many places with "POSITIVE rather negative effects". If a corporation or small business can't pay a " living wage " - THEN IT IS NO LONGER A VIABLE BUSINESS........................................
- Bob Bogardus   Apr 04, 2019
According to " multiple U.N.H. surveys " - A MAJORITY of New Hampshire Residents have wanted " Legal Cannabis " FOR YEARS !!!! If Governor Christopher Sununu Vetoes HB - 481 which will wind up on his desk shortly - THEN OUR GOVERNOR IS IGNORING THE WILL OF NEW HAMPSHIRE and should BE VOTED OUT IN 2020.........................
- Bob Bogardus   Apr 04, 2019


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