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facial recognition software analyzing faces
Consumer 'Protection' Laws will have negligible effect upon sham promises to protect 'biometric information'. l do not support this initiative. Very often, linkage used is that of instantly scouring social media for a consumer's name. This links that name to friends, colleagues, business associates, neighbors, family, and to wherever else the linkage tree expands. 'Facial recognition', blood type, ethnicity, 'data', financial information, et al., is an open book now. Fingerprints are used in a growing industry of 'secondary identity' verification - cell phones, 'smart phones', financial businesses, domestic utility industries, & more. Industries that use 'biometric information' ought to be regulated to show very plain, open, simplified statements of what use will be made of the information, however obtained, from the consumer. This NOT as any footnote agreement. But, as a major, outlined portion of any & all agreements between consumer & user. The consumer MUST be presented with plain facts; be educated about 'biometric information'. This ought to be law; by regulation; by judicial fiat. 'Biometric information is already! a plethora of data which can be data-mined by digital resources. Consumers who are, then, 'victimized' by data users, are not attentive, deliberately naive, uneducated, dependent &/or fully self-entitled to protections from any level of government for their not self-responsible behavior.
- GariePaul D   May 14, 2019
My pick for the 2nd District Congressional race is incumbent Charlie Bass over challenger Anne Kuster. We cannot afford to lose this hard working tv online Congressman whose seniority and experience in the US House confers substantial advantages to our state and nation.
- jordan smith   May 14, 2019
"Marijuana is a “gateway drug” that leads to greater rates of abuse of more dangerous substances, such as cocaine and heroin. " Well that theory doesn't work because its already a schedule one drug so its impossible for marijuana to lead to something harder, your already doing one of the hardest drugs says the government. so can we stop with the gateway lies
- paul paci   May 13, 2019
I wish the State would take a hard look at basic principles of the "Ad Valorem" property tax model and recognize how we have eroded the "fairness" at the core of this model by the mandated discounts we grant property owners. Do we really need to give our large property owners (top 20%) a 97-99% discount to encourage them not to develop or sell their land to developers? Yes, that is what our CU law does. If we limited that discount to 20-25% that would amount to the same additional tax revenue this capital gains idea would and it would flow to our poorest property value towns because that it a big reason their property values are sooooo low.
- Bradford Keith   May 10, 2019
Want to talk about the budget? You need figures to do that, here they are as of about 8 pm. N. H. Population - 1,356,511 Unemployed - 19, 844 Food Stamp Recipients - 77, 562 GDP - $85,644,+++,+++ and counting Debt - $10, 171, 936,+++ and counting Debt to GDP Ratio - 11.88% In State Revenue - $10,603,161,+++ and counting Spending - $13,671,937,+++ and counting Debt per Person - $7513.00 . Spending is greater then our in state revenue. Democrats come into office and they exacerbate the problem. They believe spending upon spending is the light at the end of the tunnel to remove our debt, I know that’s warped, but they say liberalism is a mental disorder. Why any sane person would vote for a democrat socialist is beyond my understanding, knowing they will vote for and pass every tax bill they can put their hands on, then the same ones who voted for them will complain about high property taxes, it’s their own damn fault.. …… In Austin the median homestead taxable value went up 7 percent. My son lives there, his neighbor’s property tax bill went up to $55,000. Many, who have worked and paid off their homes are being forced to sell and move away because of the property tax load………. In Calif. there is the Proposition 13 which limits property taxes to 1% per year, geared to keep people long term in their homes. This of course is steadily under attack by the insane democrat socialists there……. N. H. needs its version of Proposition 13 to limit property tax increases. ……. Democrat socialists are a curse to this state and country, and will bury us in endless debt if not stopped.  
- Gordon Avery   May 06, 2019
Yes. The harmful effects of vape smoke are unknown, and I don't want to be a victim of other peoples choices.
- Pamela Kendall   May 03, 2019
A man vapes
Yes. The harmful effects of vape smoke are unknown, and I don't want to be a victim of other peoples choices.
- Pamela Kendall   May 03, 2019
No. I think that is a personal expense.
- Pamela Kendall   May 03, 2019
Mother in suit surrounded by children
No. I think that is a personal expense.
- Pamela Kendall   May 03, 2019
Our FABULOUS President Mr. Donald Trump I am tired of the press and all the false news they print about you. I hope the American people are smart enough to realize that the press is just a lot of false news to sell there paper and by printing all this false news it is contributing to the division of our country. The democrats are also contributing to the so called division in our country. The democrats should be putting more effort into things that are important to the American people instead of tying to divide us. The democrats are aiding in this countries division. This impeachment they are so determined to accomplish is another way to try to divide the country. I believe the democrats are still teenagers, because the way they do things reminds me of all those drama queens from high school. Mr. President you are right about these witch hunts and that's what they are, a witch hunt! I hope they soon give up and move on to more important things, like the American people's needs. I voted for you in the last election and I'll do so this 2020 election. I know that you are doing a great job and could do more if you had more support from the drama queens in Congress. I am glad you became our President, and I hope you get another term, so you can really make (AMERICA GREAT AGAIN) for another 4 years. Keep draining the swamp!
- cynthia dick   May 03, 2019


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