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I am with you Cory!!!
- Sindiswa Akinbo   May 26, 2019
No this was not the right move. I'm all for parental the permission slip from a parent to opt the student in is the best policy.​
- Pamela Kendall   May 25, 2019
Lots of good things you’d like to do, but where will all the funding come from. I have a good job with excellent benefits. I do not want to be taxed to pay for someone else’s healthcare or be forced to have universal mandatory healthcare. I have friends from both England and Canada and most of them wait a very long time for care. I am happy with what I have. I am not rich. I have no retirement set aside due to many family emergencies using it all, but I’m not asking someone else to give up their hard earned money to support me. I just want truly viable answers to funding all we need. Frankly I’d rather the planned parenthood funding go to general health care or infrastructure. Planned parenthood will find private donors very willing to fund them. So many questions and needs and very few workable answers without causing the middle class to crumble under more taxes. Please give some good answers to these questions.
- Stephanie Proctor   May 25, 2019
hand holding cell phone
I do not disagree with the daily near avalanche of 'robo-calls' using faked tel. numbers; often indicating a tel. number within my own county, from nearby towns. I do not answer the tel. when I see / hear a number I do not recognize. Nearly all times, no caller i.d. displays. When a name of a caller i.d. displays, I do not recognize the name. I have deleted my name from my tel. answering message. I've telephoned my tel. provider; the state consumer board; rep.s of the FCC. Nothing can curtail robocalls. No digital system; computer network; telephone network; bureaucratic labyrinth; nor residential 'protection' system can screen, divert, nor block any robocalls. This is the emergent nemesis of all of social media - Facebook sold most consumer's tel. numbers; Google garnishes customer tel. numbers with partial identity data; Instagram accompanies facial profiles with partial user identity data; & on & on. Users, government, social media monopolies have designed & widely spread this telephone contact animal. There us nothing any law, regulation, statue from any level of government, bureaucracy, user petitions can do to curtail this rampant excess.
- GariePaul D   May 21, 2019
Just starting to look through this site, this guy is the first one I read through his stances. My opinion: the $1,000 to every family is a gimmick just so he can get on the ballot. It's so little money. I'm not out of touch, it just is. $3 a day. It's far more influential on people's lives how you deal with jobs and the economy. Not to mention, he is liberal on every single social issue. Somewhere you have to show you have independent thought or it seems phony, just to get votes. I agree with many- marijuana laws, gun control, gay marriage (though it's not even an issue anymore), funding for drug rehab, and environmental issues somewhat. Abortion only if its a health risk or rape. He is for it in all circumstances- I don't care if it's her body, if she was irresponsible, and she's not at any risk, it's sick. At any stage. Even before viability. But the later it is, the sicker it gets. Also- student loans, we're already in a huge deficit. These students agreed to the terms. In exchange they get the fancy degree and long run will pay off. They did that equation at the time. Why do I have to pay for their mistake with my tax dollars? Not a chance with Yang, he seems pathetic.
- Thomas Fink   May 19, 2019
hand holding cell phone
I’ve HAD it with late night calls that appear to be local; I’m always concerned it’s a friend in need - only to find out it’s a telemarketer. More money should be spent on Government? No, protect your citizens! It’d be nice to be able to tell them they’re violating a Federal law and could be fined $5,000.00. Perhaps then they'd stop calling!
- Jennifer Larain   May 19, 2019
Did you vote to give illegal immigrants the right to get a drivers license?
- John Kerrigan   May 19, 2019
Leave the Bible there. I believe there are also Chaplains on sight. Slippery slope being test, Stand Proud, Carry On. Using the statement of MRFF’s Michael L. “Mikey" Weinstein, someone then will argue that the American Flag should be removed in that: That sectarian American Flags on a POW/MIA table at VAMC is a grotesque gang sign of American Federal government's triumphalism, exceptionalism and supremacy, indeed a middle finger of unconstitutional repugnance to the U.S. Constitution.”
- tom ploszaj   May 17, 2019
At this time no. I do not believe that most of NH public students have a grasp on the fundamentals of logic and critical thinking. That combined with their ignorance of history and little real world experience they would be unable to provide a concise interaction without being emotionalyl biased.
- tom ploszaj   May 17, 2019
hand holding cell phone
Usually I'm all about less government and restrictions, but this I'm absolutely on board with. I don't know if passing legislation would actually change the current situation, but I've HAD it with telemarketers' robo-calls and scammers using fake or inscrutable Caller IDs.
- Susan Rogers   May 17, 2019


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