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As compared with larger states, I do believe that NH offers citizens more opportunity to engage in decision-making and change in their communities: through civic participation, volunteerism, town meetings and committees, and as a result of the large citizen legislature. How has this engagement changed overtime? Also, how can people who feel left out of the process, who feel unheard, or are afraid to speak up -- How can they be brought back into the process? There is a cynicism that comes from being ignored, and the cynicism causes disengagement and sometimes hostility. I wonder how we can address this problem of disengagement in our communities. How does the two-party system affect this process of engagement?
- Martha Madsen   Sep 04, 2019
The expectation that the police will be there to protect you is both faulty and unrealistic. First SCOTUS has ruled that the police have no duty to protect. Second, the police cannot be everywhere, so there is some response time based purely on the distance between you and the nearest police officer. When seconds count, the police are minutes away
- JR Hoell   Aug 30, 2019
I Think we should put in a law that an politician that try's to subvert the law an Constitution should be jail for not less then 15 years an fined not less then 100.000.00
- Alan Fraize   Aug 30, 2019
I am a firm believer in the second amendment as well as the Stand your ground law! I could never walk away or retreat if I knew someone was in danger.
- KEN BOECK   Aug 29, 2019
Interesting topic. I believe that New Hampshire does offer citizens a great deal of access to the political process, but that access isn't always easy to take advantage of. I'd love to see the state open more doors to people who can't necessarily drop what they're doing on a weekday and drive to Concord for public hearings. I work full time and have two small kids at home, so I know for me personally it would be hard to make it to a hearing. On the other hand, I've had great experiences with writing to my representatives or other legislators who did not represent my district, but were on committees considering bills I cared about. I wonder if people feel that New Hampshire's current system does allow them enough access to make a difference, or if they believe the state could be doing more in that department.
- Jackie Benson   Aug 27, 2019
Out of respect for your country and party, please step aside and let the next generation run our country. I’m a senior and feel very strongly that an almost 80- yr old has no business running for President. We cannot lose to Trump again. Stop your selfish ambition. You’ve had a good run and now it’s time to act like an elder statesman and RETIRE!
- Judith Kotula   Aug 24, 2019
- Alan Fraize   Aug 23, 2019
- Alan Fraize   Aug 23, 2019
Bernie, Just a comment about "free" college for all... Its called the GI Bill. Serve your country, and the GI Bill will take care of your college education. Unfortunately, most Millennials don't want to risk their lives by serving their country. Are they expecting something for nothing?
- Brian Sickels   Aug 18, 2019
If you want my vote in the 2020 presidential election, you will need to stand up and take a platform banning all offensive assault weapons. The 2nd amendment guarantees our right to bear arms, but this was written to allow citizens to defend themselves and defend the State. An assault weapon such as an AK 47 IS a weapon used for offensive purposes, NOT defense. These weapons should only be in the hands of our law enforcement agents and NOT the general public. If you want my vote in the 2020 election, then you need to stand up to the NRA and support legislation that bans these assault weapons. Too many people dying including our children.
- Brian Sickels   Aug 18, 2019


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